Colorado Association of School Resource Officers



Mission Statement
The mission of the Colorado Association of School Resource Officers (CASRO) is to promote and facilitate training and communication among School Resource Officers, Educators, and School Security Personnel within the State of Colorado. CASRO is a resource for officers and educators to use in providing safe and secure learning environments for the students of the State of Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region. 

Non-Profit Association Status
CASRO is a 501C3 non-profit association. 100% of all membership and conference fees, any grant monies allocated, or donations accepted on behalf of CASRO are used solely for furthering the educational and safety advancement purposes of this association as set forth in our Articles of Incorporation, Mission Statement, and Association By-laws. 

As it is the vision of our members that has brought us to where we are today, our continued success depends upon the participation and actions of every one of us. Always remember that the specialized nature of our responsibilities means we are vital members of our school communities. 

We must be dedicated to providing safe learning environments for our students and staff within our school communities and must lead by example by living under the principles of good citizenship and community responsibility in front of our greatest assets, our children.